Ruby Edwards – You Do Better

Public Relations Agency – communications, content and media management.
PR is a cost-effective way to raise your profile and get your message across.
We’ll shape your story and share it for you. When you know better – you do better.

Communications – managing your internal and external messages to ensure your story is told in an interesting and engaging way. We get your message across by drawing upon many years of experience and then tell it to those in the know.

Content management – keeping your message up-to-date through press releases, copy-writing and blogs, we ensure that your content is relevant, regular and right for you. The team at You Do Better will work with you to create content you’ll love and then share it with people who want to hear all about it.

Media management – sharing your story with the local press, radio, television and taking care of all the usual social media channels. We use our local connections to help spread the word about you and your business. Not only do we share your story on Twitter – check out details of our Partnership with the phenomena that is #WorcestershireHour – we also send your message out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. So you don’t have to.

If you’re interested in business support from You Do Better – or would like to support Funny Blood – please call Ruby on 07891 777464 for a chat!

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